DHJ Media

In 1996 Mats Hylin and Mats Dahlgren founded DHJ Media AB, a pioneering company in real time advertising systems. DHJ Media was the first and leading digital signage company in the world. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, with fully owned subsidiaries in UK and USA. DHJ Media was in the forefront of digital signage globally with its paradigm-shifting ”Outdoor Evolution” -system. In parallel with the investment in R&D, very significant investment was also made in patents to protect the core assets of the company.

The company had commercial contracts with the fast speed airport train Arlandabanan in Stockholm, Arlanda airport in Stockholm, London City Airport and London Underground in London.

DHJ Media defined the transformation from paper to digital. It developed how to sell the new medium and educated the advertisers, advertsing agencies and media companies in the new technology.

DHJ Media was awarded in 2001, together with several partners, the contract for the London Underground. It was, at that time, the largest DOOH contract in the world. The contracts included 400 digital signs and ran for 12 years.


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